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Carbon Smarts Conference 2011

Held at the UMass Lowell Inn & Conference Center the “Carbon Smarts: Learning Science on the Go” was a national conference that brings diverse communities together to examine the potential of Out of Home Media to foster informal science learning among the commuting adult population. Experts representing marketing, communication, risk analysis, science education, mass transit, informal learning, and environmental research shared their experience and ideas on how to improve the public’s understanding of climate change science with special attention given to new digital tools. The conference focused on developing discourse between academic and industry personnel with a goal of laying a foundation for more collaborative and effective initiatives.

Carbon Smarts Conference Website

Here is a list of individuals who participated: Anthony Leiserowitz, Sharon Dunwood, Rob Gould, Susan Frank, Tom Bowman, Andrew Shouse, Dean Grosshandler, Robert Chen, David Gershon, Julie Benyo, Rick Gersony, Scott Darling, John Anderson, and David Rabkin