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Student Society For Sustainability

Student Environmental Alliance

The Student Society for Sustainability is the student group affiliated with the Climate Change Initiative (CCI). The group connects students from various disciplines with the common goal of promoting and enabling sustainable practices.

Mission Statement

The mission of the SSS is to develop an environmentally conscious community both at UML and the city of Lowell by developing meaningful partnerships with student groups, faculty, staff and local organizations.

To reach the goal of an environmentally conscious community, we focus on three elements: education, empowerment and nature-connectedness. We aim to educate by connecting students to the brilliant minds and ideas within the university and the world throughout various events in the academic year. We empower students to see their brilliant ideas become reality through the support systems and resources that the university has to offer as well as by providing consistent opportunities to directly volunteer and impact the community. To maintain the appreciation of the natural world we indulge in outdoor activities when ever possible, primarily in the form of overnight camping trips.

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Student Society for sustainability