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Meet Our Team

  • Juliette Rooney-Varga, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor, Director

    Climate Change and Sustainability, Microbial Ecology, Biogeochemistry

  • John Wooding

    Professor, Senior Research Fellow, Acting Director 2016-17

    Public Policy, International Political Economy, British Politics 

  • Mathew Barlow, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor

    Climate variability and change

  • Jennifer Cadero-Gillette, M.A.

    Lecturer in Art History & Visual Culture

  • Thomas Estabrook, Ph.D.

    Health & Safety Trainer, Adjunct Faculty

    Worker Health and Safety Education and Policy; Social Movements; Environmental Justice; Labor and Environmentalism; Sustainable Production.

  • Leslie Farris, Ph.D.



  • Susan Gallagher, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor    

    American Politics, Political Theory, Media Studies

  • Robert Gamache, Ph.D.

    Professor Emeritus

    Theoretical molecular spectroscopy with emphasis on the spectral line shape problem

  • Vanessa Joan Gray, Ph.D.

    Adjunct Faculty

    Latin American Politics, Comparative Politics, Global Environment

  • Mark Hines, Ph.D.


    Microbial Biogeochemistry

  • Ralph E. Jordan


    Leadership, Team Building, Lean Six Sigma

  • George Joseph, Ph.D., CA

    Associate Professor

    Cost Management, Institutions and Sustainability

  • David C. Kingsley, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor

    Experimental Economics, Environmental Economics, Public Policy

  • Supriya Lahiri, Ph.D.

    Professor, Department of Economics

    Applied Macro and Micro Models, Energy & Environmental Economics, Economics of Occupational Health

  • Jill Lohmeier, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor, Research and Evaluation in Education

  • Dalila Megherbi, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor, Director CMINDS

    Digital Image Processing, Computer Vision, AI, Networking, Distributed & Embedded Systems

  • Christopher Niezrecki, Ph.D.

    Chair, Professor, Director - Center for Wind Energy, Co-director - Structural Dynamics & Acoustic Systems Laboratory

    Modeling & control of vibrations & acoustics, smart structures & materials, structural health monitoring and sustainable energy

  • Paul Piraino

    Energy & Sustainability Manager

  • Phyllis Procter

    Communications Coordinator, Program Manager for Community Partnerships

  • Michele Putko, Ph.D., P.E.


    Thermal-Fluid Science, Climate Change and Energy Literacy, Advisor for Engineers for a Sustainable World (ESW)

  • Jian-Hua Qian, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor

    Weather & Climate, Non-hydrostatic Atmospheric Dynamics, Climate Dynamics, Regional Climate Modeling, Downscaling & Prediction

  • Karen E. Roehr, M.F.A.

    Associate Professor

  • Charlotte Ryan, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor

    Community-based participatory research; social movements and communication; environmental and climate sociology; and public sociology

  • Wesley Savage


  • Thomas B. Shea, Ph.D.

    Professor, Director

    Cell Biology

  • Craig Slatin, Sc.D., MPH.


    Work Environment Policy, Health Education and Policy

  • Meg Sobkowicz-Kline, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor

    Renewable polymers, Plastics processing, nanocomposites, organic photovoltaics and electronics, rheology, scattering

  • Kate M. Swanger, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor

    Earth Surface processes & paleoclimatology, with an emphasis on glacial geology, permafrost processes & high-latitude climate change

  • Joel A. Tickner, Sc.D.

    Associate Professor

    Environmental Health, Chemicals Policy, Pollution Prevention, Risk Assessment

  • David Turcotte, Sc.D.

    Research Professor, Director

    Sustainable housing and community economic development

  • Lori Weeden, M.S.


    Science education, water & soil chemistry

  • Naomi Wernick, Ph.D.

    Senior Lecturer

    Molecular Biology, Cellular Biology & Biology Education