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Charlotte Ryan

Charlotte Ryan, Ph.D. Associate Professor


Community-based participatory research; social movements and communication; environmental and climate sociology; and public sociology

Research Interest

Educational Background

Post Doctorate: Health and Social Behavior, Harvard School of Public Health
Ph.D., Sociology, Boston College
M.Ed., Bi-lingual Education, Boston University
A.B., History, Harvard University


Charlotte Ryan works with under-represented and misrepresented constituencies to document communication inequalities, develop integrated communication strategies, evaluate results and theorize from practice. She co-directs the Movement and Media Research Action Project and has published two books, Prime Time Activism, and Rhyming Hope and History: Activists, Academics, and Social Movement Scholarship (co-edited with sociologists David Croteau, Virginia Commonwealth University and William Hoynes, Vassar College).

Her research incorporates traditional and non-traditional methods including framing and other forms of content analysis, archival and oral history, and community-based participatory action research (CBR). Her primary CBR partner is the Rhode Island Coalition for the Homeless. She currently chairs the URBAN Research Network Publications Committee; the committee has just completed Guidelines for Peer-Review of Community-based Research available at

Ryan is also actively involved in food and climate justice movements. She serves on the Coordinating Committee of UML’s Climate Change Initiative and coordinates UML’s Environment & Society minor.  She teaches Environmental Sociology and Fast Food, Hot Planet: Sociological Approaches to Climate Change, Food Justice, and Community Sustainability. Students in these courses have undertaken service-learning projects with the Lowell National Historical Park, World Peas Food Hub, Café Solar, Students for Environmental Action (SEA) and Lowell Food Day and Earth Day 2015.


  • Introduction to Sociology
  • Social Problems Public Sociology
  • Sociological Perspectives on the Environment
  • Fast Food, Hot Planet: Sociological Perspectives on Climate Change, Food Justice, and Community Sustainability
  • Sociological Perspectives on Communication and Social Change
  • Learning from the Field


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