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Intercountry Adoption

The Holt International Adoption Agency Web site is updated weekly with information on adopting internationally.

Rainbow Kids (RK) is an on-line publication dedicated to international adoption. The editor is Martha Osborne.

Country Specific Links


The Association for Adoptive Parents of the Territory (Australia) is a parent group concerned with the welfare of children and provides aid and support for families adopting from other countries through Australia. The site contains the AAPT newsletters.


The Families with Children from China is an adoptive parent organization. Their Web site includes a list of agencies that have China adoption programs, information on who can adopt from China, links to information on China and more.


The Adopting from Korea Web site gives information on how to get the international adoption process started, finding the right adoption agency, description of the "home study," books, catalogs, adoption-related links, etc.

Russia and the Ukraine

Families for Russian and Ukrainian Adoption (FRUA) is a support group for adoptive families wishing to or who have adopted from Russia and the Ukraine.

Information for Your Geographic Area

Adoption InterLink UK provides information about adoption in the United Kingdom..

NYS Citizens' Coalition for Children is an advocacy organization of concerned citizens, agencies, and over 150 adoptive and foster parent groups in every region of New York State. This site contains organization information and resources.

Law and Government Related

Administration on Children, Youth and Families, a United States government agency, has basic information on its foster care and adoption assistance programs.

The Adoption Policy Resource Center offers legislative news and analysis such as summaries of pending federal legislation on adoption and adoption assistance (subsidy) information resources.

The Legal Information Institute at Cornell Law School has a Web site with adoption law information.

The Thomas Legislative Information on the Internet is a service of the U.S. Congress that includes the full text of legislation; the full text of all versions of House and Senate bills searchable by keyword(s) or by bill number for the 103rd and 104th Congresses and the Congressional Record's full text of the daily account of proceedings on the House and Senate floors searchable by keyword(s). This is a resource for looking up adoption legislation.

The U.S. Immigration and Nationality Act
This document allows you to access the complete text of the United States Immigration and Nationality Act, Title 8 of the U.S. Code (8 USC) in a variety of ways.

U.S. Immigration And Naturalization Service

For families traveling overseas to adopt their children, the U.S. State Department Travel Warnings and Consular Information Sheets are available.

Commercially Available Materials

Federal Travel's Adoption Services provides the travel services necessary to bring adoptive families together. Adoptive parents Tim and Beverly Swanson help you with your adoption travel plans. Included on the Web site are personal adoption stories by the Swansons and their customers, a quote request form, links to country information for the number of children adopted per country, and links to other adoption sites on the Internet. The current special feature article is "Tips for Adoption Traveling Overseas."