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Adoption Resources

The following are adoption resources on the Internet: provides assistance, information and support for adoption including how to get started; books and magazines; personal stories by birth families, adoptive families, and adoptees; articles by professionals; and family and support forums.

Adoptive Families of America is the largest non-profit organization in the United States providing information and support for individuals involved in adoption, including an adoption guide, Adoptive Families magazine, and its catalog of multicultural resources, adoption books, videos, dolls and tapes.

The Adoption Connections Project is a group of women dedicated to bringing together birth mothers, adopted daughters, adoptive mothers, foster mothers and step mothers to share their stories.

The Adoption Network provides the names and phone numbers of local government and private adoption agencies, attorneys, support groups, national adoption organizations and publications.

Domestic Infant Adoption provides recommendations and information for anyone considering domestic infant adoption.

The Minnesota Children Youth & Family Consortium has a Web site with information, research, and policy documents related to issues facing adoptive families. It is designed for current and future adoptive families, policy makers and professionals in the field and has electronic access to the latest information resources. The National Adoption Information Clearinghouse Publications and Services Catalog is housed here.

The Foster Parent Home Page contains a listing of foster parenting resources. It should also interest adoptive parents who have adopted foster care children.

The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption contains a "Beginner's Guide to Adoption" and an "Adoption Resource Guide" and discusses how people can get involved in partnering with the Foundation, which is part of the Wendy's Corporation. The Foundation's mission is education, outreach and spreading awareness on adoption issues. 

The Seeker Magazine is an on-line magazine designed to help reunite family members: birth parents, adoptees, adoptive parents (as well as friends, classmates and military pals).