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WindSTAR Industry/University Cooperative Research Center


Members have access to all the features and benefits of the secure website using an assigned login and password.

Member Login

WindSTAR Benefits

  • Industry relevant research: Members guide research; Industry Advisory Board allocates project funds based on merit.
  • Value of membership: $40K membership fee provides access to precompetitive research with a much higher value.

  • Broad range of resources, facilities, and equipment: Member directed principal investigators work with faculty, researchers, students and laboratories from a wide variety of engineering departments.
  • Access to student resources: Members interact with highly qualified graduate and undergraduate students who have in-depth knowledge of research areas, methods, applications, and laboratory equipment.
  • Early access to research results: Members have rights to a non-exclusive license for Center developed IP. Members also have the right to review research results before publication.

The member area contains

  1. Descriptions of current projects and research results
  2. Description of project proposals
  3. Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) meeting information

About member access to this website

The member area of this website is available only for the WindSTAR members and requires a login. If you would like to join our Center please contact Christopher Niezrecki at