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Voices of Working Women (VOWW)

Voices of Working Women (VOWW) is working to address the concerns of working women, in all jobs, at UMLass Lowell

VOWW is a project co-sponsored by the Labor Education Program and the Center for Women and Work (CWW). Our goals are:

  • To share workplace experiences with others at UML
  • To identify issues that all working women at UML share
  • To create an understanding of the unique issues facing women in different types of jobs
  • To create a community of women involved in solving collectively defined issues/problems

Coming Event

Please join us for lunch and a discussion about your climate at work. What makes your work climate good?
There will be an interactive exchange - bring your cellphone!
Nov. 9, 12-1 p.m., Moloney Hall
RSVP by Nov. 3 to

Sponsored by: the Center for Women and Work, SEIU Local 888, the UML Labor Education Program, CPH-NEW and GRACE.

Past events

UMass Lowell Retirement & You

Brown-bag lunch to discuss retirement at UML. Presentation by Human Resources.

Workplace Experiences

Free lunch to identify issues all working women share, identify unique issues facing women, create community of women, share workplace experiences.

VOWW's meeting minutes

Learn more about what VOWW is up to:

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VOWW at UMass Lowell is organized by the Labor Education Program and the Center for Women and Work.