working Wise team

The Delphi method facilitates the process of gathering opinions from a group of experts who share a common interest but usually represent different points of view. The method is based on a structured and iterative process for extracting knowledge from a panel of experts via a series of questionnaires with controlled opinion feedback. The Delphi method improves the generation of critical ideas by structured collection of information and processing of the collective input from a panel of geographically dispersed experts. By facilitating communication between and among a panel of experts the process is effective and the group as a whole can deal with a complex problem. See the full delphi study (pdf).

The Project Working WISE Delphi Process: Criteria for being selected as a member of the Delphi Panel of Experts included: to belong to one of the two generations of scholars working in the Women in STEM field; to have participated in related research initiatives as principal investigator, co-investigator, or senior personnel; to have published in major related journals; and to belong to diverse racial/ethnic groups. Our outreach efforts provided a total of 12 experts that agreed to participate in the study. Our study involved two rounds of questions and a group meeting. It was conducted over a period of approximately 2 months. Responses from the first questionnaire were summarized to form the basis of the second questionnaire. Responses from the second questionnaire of this Delphi study were discussed at a 1-day meeting where the experts of the panel were brought together. This meeting (August, 2006) served as a preparatory meeting for the Spring 2007 working conference, "Intergenerational Voices on Women in Science and Engineering".