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MinJeong Kim

Minjeong Kim
MinJeong Kim, Ph.D. CWW Associate; Associate Professor, Graduate School of Education

Educational Background

Ph.D. in Education, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH

M.A. Special Education, Concentration in Language and Communication Disorder, Dankook University, Seoul, Korea

B.A. Special Education, Concentration in Deaf Education, Dankook University, Seoul, Korea


MinJeong Kim is an Associate Professor of Language Arts and Literacy in the Graduate School of Education. MinJeong’s research includes narrative practices and literacy learning in classrooms and families with young children. Specifically, she has been researching narrative practices of single mothers with young children in a family homeless shelter for the past three years to learn about their life history, struggles, and expectations for their children’s education. Another line of her research is Asian American children’s literacy learning and their families’ perspectives focusing on Asian American mothers.

To conduct this research, MinJeong incorporates theories from language acquisition, child development, emergent literacy, applied linguistics, gender studies and critical discourse analysis. As ethnographic studies with close collaboration with families, especially single mothers in poverty, my research contributes to the field’s understanding of how educational research can help raise awareness about the needs of families in poverty and struggles rooted in gender inequality in our society that homeless single mothers experience.

Faculty Bio