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Sarah Kuhn

Sarah Kuhn
Sarah Kuhn, Ph.D. CWW Associate; Professor, Department of Psychology
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    Health and Social Sciences Building #349
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Research Interest

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Ph.D., MIT


Sarah Kuhn is Professor of Psychology at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. Her scholarship focuses on engaging women and other under-represented groups in learning about real world challenges that require a combination of social and technical know-how. The literature on undergraduate technology education suggests that women are disproportionately discouraged by poor teaching methods, and that better pedagogy and a focus on the purposes to which technology can be put is more likely to attract and retain women students.

Sarah has recently been working on an exploration of "crocheted hyperbolic planes," which she led a brief workshop on at the CWW Forum in 2011, as an 'evocative object' for exploring gender in math, computing, and culture. She is also working on a book manuscript tentatively titled "Thinking with Things: Remaking learning in college and beyond" — on how awareness of embodied cognition and learning can improve teaching and learning in higher education. Professor Kuhn also has submitted a proposal to the National Science Foundation on using the fiber arts across cultures to engage underrepresented students and teach STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) concepts.

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