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Michelle Haynes-Baratz

Michelle Haynes
Michelle Haynes-Baratz, Ph.D. CWW Associate; Associate Professor, Department of Psychology


Educational Background

B.A., Psychology, Wellesley College, 1997

M.A. Industrial/Organizational Psychology, New York University, 2003

Ph.D., Psychology (Organizational Psychology) New York University, 2006


Michelle Haynes-Baratz is an Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Massachusetts Lowell and focuses on workplace diversity issues. Her goal is to further our knowledge about the processes and dynamics that underlie both the challenges and opportunities diversity introduces, in service of creating more equitable, high functioning workplaces.

Michelle is Co-Principal Investigator on the Healthy Diversity study, a core CWW project that examines the challenges and best practices of workforce diversification in Community Health Centers (CHC). In another line of research, she continues to focus on stereotyping processes and the extent to which collaborative work structure may exacerbate the appraisal biases women and minorities experience in the work domain. She is also the coordinator of the Diversity in the Workplace graduate certificate, co-sponsored by the CWW, which provides future organizational leaders with much-needed tools and skills in managing the complexities of the increasingly diverse workplace.

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