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Mission and Objectives


The Center for Sustainable Energy seeks to increase the penetration and smooth the integration of renewable energy systems in all sectors of our economy through research, coursework, and community outreach and thus do our part to help create improve energy efficiency in end-use sectors and to increase the diversity of energy resources consistent with an economically and environmentally sustainable future.

The Center strives to combine undergraduate and graduate education, research, public service, service-learning, and public education into its projects. The mission and major purposes of UMass Lowell are to provide to students an affordable education of high quality and to focus some of its scholarship and public service on assisting sustainable regional economic and social development. The Center's goals help support the overall mission of the University.    


More specific objectives within this broad mission include:

  • Prepare young engineers and physical scientists to be “work ready” and meet the need for educated and trained workers in the growing fields of renewable energy and sustainability.
  • Seek out projects that not only increase the knowledge base through careful research, but also directly improve people’s lives, whether they live in Lowell, MA, another state, or on the other side of the globe.
  • Work with faculty to incorporate service-learning projects into mainstream courses throughout the College of Engineering