CPH-NEW recently awarded the following pilot grants: 

Principal Investigator: Katrina Burch, University of Connecticut 

Katrina Burch will study the effect of commuting and work stress on risky driving behaviors. Through daily diaries of 100 commuting employees, she will analyze the roles of job strain and work-related rumination on driving behaviors such as overlooking stop signs and violating the right of way of others. The results of this study are expected to show the detrimental impacts that commuting and spillover work stress can have on commuting employees with demanding jobs. Results will be used as a springboard to propose interventions aimed at reducing commuting stress and concern about work. 

Informing interventions to protect the health of custodians 

Principal Investigator: Jennifer Garza, ScD, University of Connecticut Health Center 

Jennifer Garza will study the motivators and barriers to healthy lifestyle behavior and use of personal protective equipment such as goggles, protective clothing and gloves among custodians currently working in the state of Connecticut. The research team will use a community-based participatory research approach to implement a survey and focus groups. Data gained will inform interventions to protect and promote the health of custodians.