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Healthy and Safe@Work

Disseminating research on health and safety programs to benefit working people

HealthyandSafe@Work is an education, translation, and dissemination initiative that promotes the application of integrated health protection/health promotion approaches to real world settings. Education and training activities focus attention on the work environment, working conditions, and participatory approaches as in key considerations in all worksite health improvement initiatives. Building on the successes of the Stress@Work project (2006-10), CPH-NEW training and outreach continues to focus on the role job stress in the development of cardiovascular and other chronic diseases. 

The Center provides services such as speakers for professional meetings, training and consultation for employers and practitioners. We also collaborate on public health initiatives, such as the obesity research and forum, aimed at improving workforce health. Specialized training is available for program coordinators to learn how to implement the CPH-NEW Healthy Workplace Participatory Program.