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Alicia Dugan

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Alicia Dugan, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Medicine
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    Department of Medicine, UConn Health, 263 Farmington Avenue, Farmington, CT 06030
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Research Interest

Industrial and organizational psychology, dissemination and implementation science, health behaviors, work-family conflict


Dr. Dugan is an assistant professor of Medicine at the UConn Health Center. Her research program mainly focuses on lifestyle practices that influence health (e.g., stress, diet, exercise, sleep, leisure, substance use) as well as the contextual factors that affect these practices (i.e., work and family situations, time availability, social support). Her goal is to help people attain optimal well-being by using research to develop effective interventions for behavioral change, including health education innovations, evaluative tools for the self-regulation of health, and supportive resources (e.g., counseling, social networks). Dr. Dugan also conducts research in dissemination and implementation science, a field that seeks to understand factors that determine the successful communication, uptake, and widespread use of evidence-based health interventions in real world settings (e.g., medical practices, workplaces, schools, communities).