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Alumni Affiliates

Alumni Research Affiliates are investigators who were former student research assistants with CPH-NEW during their graduate studies and who have a continued interest in contributing to the mission of CHP-NEW upon graduation. Collaboration of Alumni Research Affiliates may take the form of continued involvement in an ongoing research project(s), co-authorship of manuscripts with CPH-NEW investigators, consultation and idea generation for future research projects and grant writing, and/or contributions to educational and outreach activities. Alumni Research Affiliates have access to CPH-NEW instruments and other materials and may participate in Center meetings and research retreats.

Current CPH-NEW Alumni Affiliates and their research interests:

  • Dana Farr, MA, Clinical Psychology Doctoral Intern at Community Services Institute in Springfield, MA. Her dissertation, in progress, examines the relationship between leisure time physical activity and mental health outcomes in an aging manufacturing worker population. She is interested in supporting correctional organizations as they develop peer mentoring programs for their staff.
  • Bora Plaku-Alakbarova, M.S., Environmental Analyst, Community Assessment Program, Massachusetts Department of Public Health. She is working on a manuscript on the associations between caregiver satisfaction with the work environment and resident outcomes in nursing homes, using data from the ProCare study, in collaboration with Laura Punnett, Sc.D. and Rebecca Gore, Ph.D.
  • Jin Lee, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Kansas State University, Manhattan,Kansas; Jin's research interests include occupational health psychology, safety climate, macroergonomics, and quantitative research methods.
  • Zandra Zweber, Ph.D., HR Analytics Consultant, Alliance Data; Zandra's research interests include workplace climate, employee engagement, and organizational health.