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Plan and Run Design Team Meetings

  • Develop and prepare meeting agendas and handouts
  • Attend meetings of employee design team every 3 weeks 
  • Record and file meeting notes
    Estimated time commitment: 4 hours per month (2 hours in meetings, plus 2 hours scheduling, preparation, follow-up)

Facilitation of the Design Team's Work

  • At the design team meetings, guide the team through the participatory program steps, and ensure that progress is made towards proposing solutions to workplace health and safety issues. For advice on how to do this, see the facilitator guide. 
  • Identify internal and external resources as needed to assist with design team activities
  • Synthesize the design team's proposed solutions into a format appropriate for presenting to the organization's management (the Steering Committee)
    Estimated time commitment: 4 hours per month

Communication Between Design Team and Steering Committee

  • Schedule and facilitate periodic meetings between Steering Committee and Design Team to foster communication and collaboration on projects to be implemented
  • Encourage and ensure communication between Design Team and Steering Committee so the groups are always kept informed of each others' progress
    Estimated time commitment: 2 hours per month