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How to Facilitate a Participatory Program

What is a Facilitator?

The facilitator is key to the success of the Healthy Work Participatory Program. In broad terms, he/she runs Design Team meetings, and helps ensure that the program is making progress. The facilitator also enables the Design Team and Steering Committee to communicate regularly and collaborate productively. About 10 hours a month are needed to fulfill these roles.

Goals of the Facilitator

  • Assure a high-functioning Design Team
  • Develop communications between the Design Team, the workforce as a whole, and management
  • Support program to achieve high participation when planning health and safety interventions

Roles of the Facilitator

  • Plan and run Design Team meetings
  • Facilitate the Design Team's work
  • Maintain communication between the Design Team and the Steering Committee

For detailed descriptions of these roles, see our webpage on Facilitator Roles. See also the Facilitator Job Description (pdf)