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Select Steering Committee

For the participatory program to succeed, the Steering Committee must support Design Team activities and assist with specific aspects of the program. This page offers guidance on selecting the Steering Committee.

Who should select the Steering Committee?

Steering Committee members should be assigned by a senior leader/executive who is an enthusiastic champion for the Healthy Workplace program. An executive mandate will help to assure that personnel and other resources are allocated to support implementation of program activities. Steering Committee members should be selected based on their authority, influence, and connections to people and resources. 

What are the selection criteria? 

Members of a Steering Committee must be:

  1. Able to represent, as a group, the range of functional work units that could be impacted by health safety/wellness interventions to be developed and implemented
  2. Committed to, or knowledgeable about, health and safety and/or improving the workplace
  3. Willing to work together with other team members
  4. Open to learning new skills (e.g., team brainstorming, encouraging participation, a combination of ergonomics & health promotion)
  5. Able to gather data about employee health, safety, productivity and other health and work related outcomes
  6. Able to function as an opinion leader among their peers (respected for their ideas, able to muster middle management support)
  7. Able to meet on a regular basis (every 2-3 weeks 1 ½ hour meetings initially, then monthly or bi-monthly when program is up and running)

How large should the Steering Committee be?

A Steering Committee will ideally have 4-8 members, depending on the number of work units and organizational structure. In cases where regular attendance is not possible (distance, travel schedules, etc.), Steering Committee meetings should have a minimum of 4 members present at a meeting. During the start-up period, all Steering Committee members should be present for training and group exercises.