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2014 National Symposium on Corrections Workers Health

The 2014 National Symposium on Corrections worker health took place on July 15, 2014 at Portland State University, Oregon. The purpose of the meeting was to convene correctional health researchers, health professionals, and agency leaders to focus attention on safeguarding the health and well-being of correction officers.

Participants included researchers and practitioners from the Center for the Promotion of Health in the New England Workplace (University of Massachusetts Lowell, University of Connecticut, Storrs and Health Center), Oregon Healthy Workforce Center (Oregon Health and Science University, Portland State University), Washington State University, University of Buffalo, Connecticut DOC, Oregon DOC, Washington State DOC, and other leaders in correctional health.

Full video of the event can be viewed here.

  • Roundtable Discussion Summaries video
  • Table 1: Fatigue Management: Bryan Vila
  • Table 2: Work Family Balance: Charlotte Fritz
  • Table 3: Juvenile Corrections: Clint McClellan
  • Table 4: Ergonomic Solutions: Jeff Dussetschleger
  • Table 5: Lessons from Organizational Culture Research: Mary Stohr& Xiaohan Mei
  • Table 6: Methods: Intervention Effectiveness: Martin Cherniack
  • Table 7: Suicide, Stress, PTSD: John Violanti
  • Table 8: Improving Corrections Officer Safety and Fitness: Roy McGrath