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Dalila Megherbi

Dalila Megherbi
Dalila B. MegherbiAssociate Professor, Director CMINDS

Research Interests

Digital Image Processing, Computer Vision, AI, Networking, Distributed & Embedded Systems

Distributed systems and high-performance computing; high-speed networks/networking; parallel computers/computing; artificial and machine intelligence; computer vision and image processing including applications to homeland security and bioengineering;optical and digital signal processing; remote sensing and large image data compression; knowledge and data engineering and applications; design methodologies and tools for architecture design, and fault tolerance systems; embedded real-time systems and architectures; MEMS and computational modeling for nanotechnology applications including DNA computational processing and analysis.


  • Ph D: Electrical & Computer Engineering, (1993), Brown University, Electrical & Computer Engineering -
  • MS: Applied Mathematics, (1987), Brown University -
  • MS: Electrical & Computer Engineering, (1986), Brown University -
  • Other: Diplome dÍIngenieur DÍEtat en Electronique, Electrical & Computer Engineering (highest honors), (1983), Ecole Nationale Polytechnique -


  • Vakil, M., Megherbi, D.B., Malas, J. (2016) "A robust multi-stage information-theoretic approach for registration of partially overlapped hyperspectral aerial imagery and evaluation in the presence of system noise," Signal Processing: Image Communication 52: pp. 97 - 110
  • Vakil, I., Megherbi, D.B. (2016) "A Secure, Self-recovery, and High Capacity Blind Image Information Hiding, and Authentication Scheme Using DCT Moments," IEEE
  • Vakil, I., Megherbi, D.B. (2016) "Area-Based Similarity Measures Residue Analysis for Registration of Remotely Sensed Aerial Imagery for Homeland-Security Wide Area Surveillance," IEEE
  • Megherbi, D.B., DiZoglio, J., Vakil, I., Limberopoulos, N., Urbas, A. (2016) "Analysis of the effect of microsphere-lens material spectral absorption on the overall FTIR spectral response sensitivity of MWIR microsphere-lens-enhanced SLS photo detectors," pp. 281-285
  • Mack, P., Megherbi, D.B. (2016) "A Content-Based Image Retrieval Scheme Via Multi-Page Differential Hashing and Multi-object Searching Tree Based--Buckets,"
  • Calloway, T., Megherbi, D.B. (2016) "Using 6 DOF vision-inertial tracking to evaluate and improve low cost depth sensor based SLAM," Computational Intelligence and Virtual Environments for Measurement Systems and Applications, CIVEMSA 2016
  • Voynichka, I.V., Megherbi, D.B. (2016) "Analysis of the effect of selecting statistically significant registered image pixels on individual face physiognomy recognition accuracy," pp. 1-6
  • Vakil, M.I., Megherbi, D.B., Malas, J.A. (2016) "Optimized NCC-information theoretic metric for noisy wavelength band specific similarity measures," 2016 IEEE Symposium on Technologies for Homeland Security