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Research of Philip Moss

I am currently working on three projects. With Chris Tilly of UMass Lowell and Francoise Carre of the University of Massachusetts/Boston, I am participating in a study of changes in the quality and mobility opportunities of retail jobs in the US. This work is funded by the Russell Sage Foundation.

I am writing, along with two European colleagues, a chapter in a book comparing the future of low wage work in the United States, five European countries and Mexico. The chapter I am writing is a comparison of low wage work in food processing across the United States and the five European countries. This work is funded by the Ford Foundation and the Russell Sage Foundations.

I am also participating in an action and research project with a few RESD graduate students, and with Lawrence Community Works, a community development corporation and community organizing agency that represents the low income, predominantly Latino residents of Lawrence, MA. The objective of the project is to develop the political, educational, and economic capacity for participatory budgeting in the city. This project has resulted in an educational pamphlet in English and Spanish, Our Money, Our Future, Our Right to Know. This describes what a city budget is, the current city budget in Lawrence, MA, what other cities that have done to incorporate citizen participation in the budget process, and how citizens in Lawrence can become more involved. A RESD graduate student and I have written and analyzed the results from a survey of Lawrence residents on their views about city services, and what can be done to improve the quality of services in their city.

The first two research activities listed above are funded through grants from the Russell Sage Foundation and Ford Foundations Future of Work project.

Most recent publications:

“Under Construction: The Continuing Evolution of Job Structures in Call Centers,” with Harold Salzman and Chris Tilly, Industrial Relations, forthcoming

“Learning about discrimination by talking to employers,” with Chris Tilly. In William M. Rodgers III, ed., Handbook on the Economics of Discrimination, Cheldenham UK: Edward Elgar 2006