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Economic Convergence

With Tea Petrin, Minister of Economy of Slovenia from 2000-2004, Best has been involved in a series of industrial development projects in Slovenia over a twenty year period. These have included the implementation of production restructuring programs and the development of technology roadmap networks. He and Petrin, also Professor at Ljubljana University, are currently writing a book on the Slovenian model of convergence.

With John Bradley, Best has worked on a project for the Ministry of Finance of Estonia to integrate business organization into macro growth models used by recent entrants into the European Union for structural funds applications.

Project report: Analysis of Estonian Business Structure and Competitiveness: Present Development and Future Development Challenges. Prepared for the Estonian Ministry of Finance and administered by The Economic and Social Research Institute, Dublin, May 2006, 97 pages.

Working paper: “A Baltic Success Story? Estonian Manufacturing in the EU Single Market” (with John Bradley). February 2008: 24 pages.

Recent presentation: “Convergence: An Evolutionary Capabilities Perspective with Lessons from Fast Growth Experiences”, Graduate School of Management, St. Petersburg University, December 7, 2007.

Currently, Professor Best is participating in a project titled ‘Economic Development Opportunities for Greater Tirana Region’ funded by the George Soros’s Open Society Institute in Budapest, Hungary.