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Research of William Lazonick


  • Finance institutions for innovation and development, funded by the Ford Foundation, including conferences in New York City in December 2012, Rio de Janeiro in June 2013, Beijing in October 2013, Berlin in November 2014, Tokyo in April 2015, and Rio de Janeiro in November 2015 (see the project website at 
  • Impatient capital in US high-tech industries, with Marie Carpenter(Télécom École de Management) and Henrik Glimstedt (Stockholm School of Economics), funded by the Institute for New Economic Thinking, building on a previous project, The stock market and innovative enterprise
  • Infographics project on stock buybacks, with Ken Jacobson (independent journalist) and the Institute for New Economic Thinking
  • Who invests in the knowledge base?, with Matt Hopkins (The Academic-Industry Research Network) 
  • Skill development, technology development, and wage inequality, with Philip Moss (University of Massachusetts Lowell), Harold Salzman (Rutgers University), and Öner Tulum (The Academic-Industry Research Network and University of Ljubljana)
  • Job-creating growth in cross-national perspective, with Jang-Sup Shin (National University of Singapore) 
  • The risk-reward nexus in the innovation process, with Mariana Mazzucato (University of Sussex) 
  • China’s path to indigenous innovation, with Yin Li (Georgia Institute of Technology), assisted by Dongxu Li, Qiaoling Ma, and Xuahui Xia 
  • Technological innovation in China, edited volume and related workshops, with Yu Zhou (Vassar College) and Yifei Sun (California State University Northridge) 
  • The theory of innovative enterprise, book project (under contract with Oxford University Press) 
  • Innovation and competition in the global communications technology industry, with Bob Bell (University of California Berkeley), Marie Carpenter (Télécom École de Management), Henrik Glimstedt (Stockholm School of Economics), and Edward March (Dartmouth College)