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Ed March

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Ed March Research Fellow

Research Interest

Dr. March holds seven United States patents for developments in thermal processing equipment and has published several papers in the areas of laser and plasma technology, electronic manufacturing processes and surface mount technology. He has served as a long-time board member of the Rensselaer Electronics Agile Manufacturing Research Institute.

Educational Background

Bachelor of Science - University of Detroit

Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering - University of Detroit

Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering - University of Missouri-Columbia.


Ed March is “Executive in Residence” at the University of Massachusetts Lowell and co-director of the Office of Regional Development. Having accumulated over 25 years of professional service, he is an experienced engineering and manufacturing manager with a broad knowledge of applied research, product development and production operations within the electronics industry.

His current responsibilities include the integration of technical and business management principles into an enhanced engineering curriculum that reinforces the university’s mission in economic and social development. This effort reflects the significant changes impacting both the industrial and services sectors by broadening the skills of new graduates to effectively compete within the globally distributed, “virtual” operations environment.

In addition, through partnerships with industrial and government leaders, he is working to advance regional industrial competitiveness through the use of emerging technology. Using data driven studies of regional competencies, industries are identified in which application of leading edge technologies can advance economic development, environmental quality and social responsibility for the overall prosperity of the region. This effort focuses on achieving sustainable business growth.

Ed March is experienced in the development, implementation and management of technical innovations. He was a member of the Bell Labs Engineering Research Center in Princeton, New Jersey developing advanced heating methods used in the production of electronic components and telecommunications systems. He transferred to the AT&T Oklahoma City Works as a senior manager to lead organizations providing product and process engineering support during the introduction of the 5ESS Central Office Digital Switch. He became director at the Lucent Technologies Merrimack Valley Works in North Andover, Massachusetts, to oversee deployment of advanced manufacturing processes required for the timely introduction of numerous leading edge telecommunications transport products based on electronic and optical technologies. During that time he led the activities transforming the factory from a vertically integrated operation into the virtual manufacturing model. He received the World Telecommunications Award for Manufacturing from the Telecommunications Market Letter. Before joining Bell Labs, Ed March was a senior analytical engineer at the Pratt & Whitney Research Center, West Palm Beach Florida, working on high-energy laser and adaptive optics programs.