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Emily Vidrine

UMass Lowell Image
Emily Vidrine, M.A Assistant Program Manager


Home foreclosure issues in the region,  home environment and asthma exacerbation

Research Interest

Housing Policy and Foreclosure, Health Hazards in the Home Environment, Occupational Disparities in Exposure to Environmental Stressors; Chemical Policy

Educational Background

M.A. Regional, Economic and Social Development, University of Massachusetts Lowell 2011; B.A. English, University of Massachusetts Lowell 2009


Emily Vidrine has an M.A. in Regional Economic and Social Development from the University of Massachusetts Lowell. She is a researcher and assistant program manager at the Center for Family, Work and Community. She has researched local housing market trends, affordable housing policy, and community based responses to the foreclosure crisis in Massachusetts.  She also performs environmental assessments in the homes of families with asthma as part of the Lowell Healthy Homes Program.