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Because of our commitment to community mapping, we developed a comprehensive 33 page tutorial for MapInfo users.  This tutorial has been used in University of Massachusetts Lowell classes, both graduate and undergraduate, resident and staff trainings, and also by the crime Analysis Unit of the Lowell Police Department.  Users of this tutorial have ranged in age from age 15 to age 60.  So if you are wondering this tutorial is for you, the answer is YES! 

Feel free to view the following pages. They were originally designed as paper handouts and have been transformed into web pages without altering their content. If you find this helpful for your intentions feel free to use it. 

All Curricula was created by Jack Benderwith the assistance of Rajeshwari Kanniyappan & Yael Keren. 

If you have any questions about the following material you can contact Anthon or by phone at the CFWC 978-934-4677. 

NOTE: This tutorial was designed for MapInfo Professional 4.0 and above.  Some extras files are needed to complete this tutorial, but substitutions can be made.