Center for Community Research and Engagement

About Us


The Center for Community Research and Engagement (CCRE) (formerly the Center for Family, Work and Community) was begun by UMass Lowell in 1994 to carry out research and action aimed at improving higher education engagement with diverse families, organizations and communities. Over the last decade, we have raised over $15 million in funding from federal, state and foundation sources. In addition to fund raising, our Center has played a central role in facilitating partnership development and problem solving; have facilitated efforts by schools, police departments, health agencies, nonprofit coalitions and planning offices.


The Center for Community Research and Engagement promotes and facilitates community-based research and multidirectional learning as strategies to advance social justice, to enhance community well-being, and to galvanize the role of community-university partnerships as instruments of positive change.

To accomplish this mission we:

  • Identify needs and mobilizes resources, on campus and in the broader community
  • Establish links among and between faculty, staff, and students and community, government and business stakeholders to carry out
    collaborative research projects
  • Provide resources and support to ensure the success of community partnerships
  • Enhance student learning and networking through community engaged education
  • Connect the university community with community service and research opportunities that contribute to sustainable regional development
  • Develop, manage and evaluate community-university programs
We engage in reciprocal relationships with local communities and participate wholeheartedly in life beyond our campus. We believe in the importance of multidirectional learning and the creative and responsive application of knowledge. We are committed to addressing community challenges collaboratively through high-quality research and scholarship, and through appropriate and creative applications of knowledge. We further believe that students engaged in community research and service learn how to work more collaboratively and effectively in a variety of different settings, and contribute more productively and respectfully to civic life in a diverse democratic society.