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Lynne Samuelson

Lynne Samuelson is the HEROES Co-Director at UMass Lowell.
Lynne Samuelson, Ph.D. Researcher


electronic and photonic polymers, nanomaterials nanofabrication, biosensors, smart membranes, supramolecular assemblies, biomolecular signal transduction, and electronic and optical devices

Research Interest

Innovative and disruptive research and development to improve technologies to improve Soldier protection, sustainability and quality of life.

Educational Background

UMass Lowell Ph.D. in Polymer Science/Plastics Engineering


Obtained Ph.D. from the University of Massachusetts Lowell in Polymer Science/Plastics Engineering in 1990, under the advisorship of Professor Sukant Tripathy.  Prior to graduate school, worked as a staff chemist at GTE Laboratories in Waltham, Massachusetts for 8 years. co-author of over 180 publications and 25 patents.