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Daniel Oblas

Daniel Oblas Technical Specialist


Experience in secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS), x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS), auger electron spectrometry (AES) and gas mass spectrometry. Expertise in ultra-high vacuum (UHV) techniques and physical vapor deposition

Research Interest

Research in surface characterization using SIMS and XPS for a wide range of materials including polymers, plastics, biomaterials and LB films GTE Laboratories, Waltham, MA - 1964 to 11/27/92 (retired) Principal Member of Technical Staff. SIMS: Concentration and distribution of Er in optical fiber preforms; Zn concentration in MOCVD InP for photodiodes; Nitrogen distribution in ion implanted hard metals and ceramics; Distribution in quantum well structures; Determination of a complex multilayer thin film assembly for optical applications. AES: A study of the composition of (InGaAsP) quantum well structures on process parameters; Interface studies between metal films on semiconducting substrates. XPS: The effects of a low pressure mercury discharge on the surface chemistry of fluorescent lamp phosphor; Characterization of lamp cathodes at various stages of the activation process; Protective coating on electroluminescent and lamp phosphor. Gas mass spectrometry: Study of Ti/Zr getter materials for hydrogen; Gases in fluorescent lamps; Outgassing studies of silica sand, hard metals, ceramic powders.


University of Massachusetts Lowell - 12/1/92 to present Research Specialist

Consultant in the development of a compound parabolic solar collector in collaboration with University of Chicago.

Veeco Instruments - 1959 to 1964

General Electric Co., Lighting Division, - 1957 to 1959


Over twenty five publications and presentations.


Four patents and one proprietary achievement award.

  • "Technique for the Analysis of Insulating Materials by Glow Discharge Mass Spectrometry", (with G. Maklae and D. Dugger), 5,081,352, January 14, 1992.
  • "Methods for Characterization of Adhesion between Hard Materials", (with F. Sivo, V.K. Sarin and J. Sanchez), 5,027,650, July 2, 1991.
  • "Intercalation of Small Graphite Flakes with Metal Halide" 4,604,276, August 5, 1986, (with S. Su)
  • "Fluoresecent Lamp Akaline Earth Halophosphate Phosphor with Protective NaCs2Pr/C16 Coating", 4,243,909, January 6, 1981, (with C. Brecher)


"Laser Welding of Small Noble Metal Contacts to Bare and Solder Coated Wire", July 1979 (with C. D'Angelo)


American Physical Society, American Vacuum Society, American Society for Mass Spectroscopy, Sigma Xi.


  • "Fabrication of Waveguides using Low-Temperature Plasma Processing Techniques", (E.S. Bulat, M. Tabasky, B. Tweed, C. Herrick, S. Hankin, N.J. Lewis, D. Oblas and T. Fitzgerald), Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology, A 11(4), p1268, July/August 1993.
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  • Final Report "Development of Adherent Ceramic Coatings to Reduce Contact Stress Damage", (with V.K. Sarin, C. D'Angelo and H. Rebenne), ORNL Subcontract 86X95915C, TR 0027-03-89830,1989.
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