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2008 Publications

The following are publications from 2008 for the Center of Advanced Materials.

  • “A Simple Technique for Submicron Scale Patterning of Silver using Visible Light Interference” (A. Kumar, S. Nagarajan, K. Yang, R. Anandakathir, J. Singh, R. Nagarajan, A. Jain, J. Kumar), J. of Macromol. Sci., Part A:  Pure and Applied Chem., 45, pp. 963-966 (2008).
  • “Amino Acid and Poly(Ethylene Glycol) Based Self-Organizing Polymeric Systems:  Chemo-Enzymatic Synthesis and Characterization” (R. Tyagi, R. Kumar, M.K. Pandey, J. Kumar, V.S. Parmar, A.C. Watterson), J. Macromol. Sci., Part A:  Pure & Appl. Chem., 45, pp. 957-962 (2008).
  • “Biocatalytic Modification of Naturally Occurring Iron Porphyrin” (S. Nagarajan, R. Nagarajan, R. Tyagi, J. Kumar, F.F. Bruno, L.A. Samuelson), J. Macromol. Sci., Part A:  Pure & Appl. Chem., 45, pp. 951-956 (2008).
  • “Biocatalytically Oligomerized Epicatechin with Potent and Specific Anti-proliferative Activity for Human Breast Cancer Cells” (S. Nagarajan, R. Nagarajan, S.J. Braunhut, F. Bruno, D. McIntosh, L. Samuelson, J. Kumar), Macromolecules, 13, pp. 2704-2716 (2008).
  • “Biocatalytically Synthesized Poly(3,4-ethylenodioxythiophene)” (S. Nagarajan, J. Kumar, F.F. Bruno, L.A. Samuelson, R. Nagarajan), Macromolecules, 41, pp. 3049-3052 (2008).
  • “Crystal and Molecular Structure of the bisEthyl Urethane of 5,7-Dodecadiyn-1,12,diol (ETCD)” (X. Wang, D.J. Sandman, V. Enkelmann, C.-H. Chen, B.M. Foxman), J. of  Macromol. Sci., Part A:  Pure & Appl. Chem., 45, pp. 915-917 (2008).
  • “Design and Lipase Catalyzed Synthesis of 4-Methylcoumarin-siloxane Hybrid Copolymers” (M.K. Pandey, A. Chandekar, R. Tyagi, V.S. Parmar, V.B. Tucci, K.D. Smith, P.R. Westmoreland, R. Mosurkal, J. Kumar, A.C. Watterson), J. Macromol. Sci., Part A:  Pure & Appl. Chem., 45, pp. 925-930 (2008).
  • “Detection of Explosives Using Nanofibrous Membranes” (A. Kumar, I. Leshchiner, S. Nagarajan, R. Nagarajan, J. Kumar), IEEE, pp. 390-394 (2008).
  • “Fabrication of SnO2 Nano Patterns using Surface Relief Gratings” (F. Yan, L. Li, P. Huh, Y. Wang, L.A. Samuelson, J. Kumar), Mater. Res. Soc. Symp. Proc., V. 1059, pp. 10-27 (2008).
  • “Interfacial Electronic Properties of Thiophene and Sexithiophene Adsorbed on a Fluorinated Alkanethiol Monolayer” (Y. Ge, J.E. Whitten), J. Phys. Chem. C, 112, pp. 1174-1182 (2008).
  • “Nanocomposites of TiO2 and Siloxane Copolymers as Environmentally Safe Flame-Retardant Materials” (R. Mosurkal, L.A. Samuelson, K.D. Smith, P.R. Westmoreland, V.S. Parmar, F. Yan, J. Kumar, A.C. Watterson), J. Macromol. Sci., Part A:  Pure & Appl. Chem., 45, pp. 942-946 (2008).