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Optical Properties Measurements Laboratory

Instrumentation for evaluating the linear and NLO properties of materials are already in place. Pulsed and CW Nd-YAG lasers (Quantel model Y660A and Quantronix model 114), Argon ion laser and Dye laser, semiconductor laser and a variety of other lasers spanning UV to near IR are available for optical characterization as well as to monitor device performance. A variety of diagnostics research instrumentation such as lock in amplifiers, box car averager, photon counter (all made by Stanford Research systems) are routinely used. The linear optical properties are measured by UV-Vis-NIR absorption spectrometer and a research ellipsometer (Rudolph Research Inc). Thickness and refractive index measurements are further confirmed by waveguiding and prism coupling techniques. 

  • Nitrogen pumped dye laser with peak power 20 kw and 3 ns pulse tunable from 580-900 nm 
  • Titanium Saphire Femtosecond laser 
  • Digikrome monochromator .3 mm - 1.3 mm 
  • Stanford Research Systems gated photon counter and other detection systems. 
  • Coherent Ar+ Ion Laser Innova 90 with ring dye laser capable of producing picosecond pulses 
  • Rudolph Research Ellipsometer (from UV to NIR) 
  • Metricon 2010 Prism Coupler 
  • Optical Instrumentation, lock-in amplifier, box car averager etc. 
  • Perkin-Elmer Lambda-9 spectrophotometer for UV-Vis-NIR 
  • Spectra-Physics Quanta-Ray MOPO-730 Optical Parametric Oscillator (400nm-1800nm) 
  • Perkin Elmer LS55 Luminescence Spectrometer 
  • Closed cycle cryostat for carrying out low temperature fluorescence using the nitrogen pumped dye laser system mentioned above.