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Membership Types

  • General Consortium Membership
  • Research Sponsor Membership

Membership Privileges 

General Consortium Membership

  • Onsite-information exchange meeting with the consortium faculties, once a year
  • Access to research outcomes of participating consortium faculty members
  • 3 days of consulting per year (with any of the available consortium faculty members)
  • Free registration up to 5 people for annual consortium workshop
  • Discounted registration for the training programs hosted by the consortium
  • Access to the center services and facilities at discounted rates

Research sponsor membership

  • All general consortium membership privileges included
  • Access to supervised graduate students to carry out research of the member's interest/needs at the participating academic institution. ¬†Optionally, active participation in project proposal, research advising, c-supervision of graduate student(s) and publication is encouraged.

Personal consultation is more than welcome to discuss another type of membership tailored to your specific needs and interests.