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Care Expert Speaker Series

Fall 2018

Ray Cebula, Program Director of ytiONLINE: “Yes, your SSI kid CAN work!”

Wednesday August 1, 2018 
6-7:30 p.m. 
UMass Lowell South Campus 
Health and Social Sciences Building Room 165

This presentation is geared towards adolescents and adults on the autism spectrum, their parents/guardians, transition specialists, and agencies who provide services to those on the autism spectrum and their families.

Get directions to Health and Social Sciences Building with campus maps. A large parking lot is available across the street from the building with entry on Wilder. Parking is free. This parking lot has a barrier which will be raised in time for the talk.

Raymond Adam Cebula, III, J.D., received his law degree from the Franklin Pierce Law Center (now the University of New Hampshire Law School) in 1982.  He spent a total of 23 years working with legal services and protection and advocacy programs providing direct representation to disabled individuals having legal issues with the Social Security Administration.  He became part of Cornell University’s WISC team in 2000, and began providing technical assistance, training and advice to attorneys and legal advocates in the 16 states and territories associated with the WISC. In January of 2005, Ray was brought on staff at ILR's Yang-Tan Institute on Employment & Disability where he now serves as the Program Director of ytiONLINE (Cornell’s Work Incentive Practitioner credentialing program).  While with YTI he has provided training and technical assistance to Youth Transition Demonstration projects across the country, served as Director of Training and Technical Assistance for the New York Medicaid Infrastructure Grant and continues to serve as a team member for the Technical Assistance Team of the National Training Center of Virginia Commonwealth University providing technical assistance and training to SSA benefits planners in SSA Region 1.  

Recent written materials include “Mapping the Path to Work”, to be published by AAIDD, Chapter 23, NOSSCR Social Security Practice Guide, 2012, "Interaction Among Unemployment Insurance, Welfare, Social Security Disability and SSI Benefits", Clearinghouse REVIEW, September-October, 2007. 

Along with teaching his credentialing program for Work Incentive Practitioners, he has also taught sessions on Social Security and Workers Compensation in ILRLR 4023 – Disability Employment Policy and co-teaches ILRLR4033 – Disability Law at ILR’s undergraduate program.

Maureen Crawford Hentz

Maureen Crawford Hentz, Vice-President, Human Resources, A.W. Chesterton Company: “Tapping into a Rich Talent Pool:  Employer Strategies for Reducing the Barriers to Employment for Candidates on the Autism Spectrum”  

Wednesday October 3, 2018, 6-7:30 p.m. 
Moloney Hall, University Crossing Building A 
220 Pawtucket Street 
Lowell, 01854

This presentation is geared towards employers looking to hire individuals on the autism spectrum, adolescents and adults on the autism spectrum, their parents / guardians, transition specialists, and agencies who provide services to those on the autism spectrum and their families. 

Get directions to UCrossing with campus maps. A large parking lot is available across the street from the building with entry on Salem Street. This parking lot has an attendant - please let the attendant know that you are coming to the presentation. Parking is free. 

Maureen Crawford Hentz has more than 20 years of talent acquisition, talent management & career strategy leadership experience and is currently the Vice President of Human Resources at A.W. Chesterton Company. She has led talent functions in a variety of industries, and in companies ranging from Fortune 500 to manufacturing companies to environmental non-profits. 

Her expertise covers a range of career topics including millennial psychology, networking, disabilities in the workplace, business etiquette, and recruiting issues. Crawford Hentz has been quoted by The New York Times, NewsDay, Elle magazine, The Boston Globe, U. S. News and World Reports and National Public Radio, among others. She is a Quintessential Careers Career Mastermind and a regular contributor to the webzine 

When she's not speaking about, writing about or reading about career strategy issues, she can be found critiquing job descriptions on LinkedIn for fun and giving career advice to grocery store cashiers, bank tellers and joggers going past her house.

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