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John William McKenna

image of John McKenna
John William McKennaAssociate Professor of Moderate Disabilities

Research Interests

What Works Clearinghouse certified reviewer of single case intervention research; Research-based academic and behavioral interventions for students with and at risk for emotional and behavioral disorders; Responsible inclusion; Special education teacher training and support


  • Ph D: Special Education, The University of Texas at Austin
    Supporting Area: Students with learning disabilities and behavioral disorders

Selected Awards and Honors

  • Faculty Teaching Excellence Award (2018), Teaching - University of Massachusetts Lowell, College of Education
  • Faculty Research Consortium Faculty Excellence Award (2016), Scholarship/Research - St. John's University, Vincentian Institute for Social Action
  • Faculty Recognition Award: Excellence in Teaching (2015), Teaching - School of Education, St. John’s University
  • Co-Author of Must Read in Special Education for 2012 (2013), Scholarship/Research - Council for Learning Disabilities
  • Outstanding Service Award: Childcare Worker of the Year (1997), Teaching - Italian Home for Children

Selected Publications

  • Bettini, E., Cumming, M., Brunsting, N., McKenna, J., Schneider, C., Muller, R., Peyton, D. (2020). Administrators’ Roles: Providing Special Educators Opportunities to Learn and Enact Effective Reading Practices for Students with EBD. Beyond Behavior.
  • Garwood, J., McKenna, J., Ciullo, S. (2020). Early Reading Instruction with Embedded Behavioral Supports for Children with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders. Beyond Behavior.
  • McKenna, J., Garwood, J., Werunga, R. (2020). Reading Instruction for Secondary Grade Students with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders: A Focus on Comprehension. Beyond Behavior.
  • McKenna, J., Newton, X., Bergman , E. (2019). Inclusive instruction for students receiving special education services for Emotional Disturbance: A survey development study. Assessment for Effective Intervention .
  • McKenna, J., Garwood , J., Parenti, M. (2019). Inclusive instruction for students with emotional/behavioral disorders: Service in the absence of intervention research . Intervention in School and Clinic.
  • Garwood, J., Ciullo, S., Wissinger, D., McKenna, J. (2019). Civics for students with learning disabilities and emotional and behavioral disorders. Intervention in School and Clinic
  • McKenna, J., Brigham, F., Parenti, M., Hott, B. (2019). Foundational assumptions for successful transition: Examining alternatively certified special educator perceptions. Emerald Publishing
  • Solis, M., McKenna, J. (2019). Intensive reading interventions and the challenges of comorbid reading and behavioral difficulties . Emerald Publishing
  • Brigham , F., McKenna, J., Brigham , M. (2019). Memories of the warmth: Transition for students with emotional and/or behavioral disorders (35:). Emerald Publishing Limited
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  • Garwood , J., McKenna, J. (2019). Vocabulary interventions for students identified with emotional and behavioral disorders: Defining the need for more research. Education and Treatment of Children.
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  • Ciullo, S., Ely, E., McKenna, J., Alves, K., Kennedy, M., (2019). Reading instruction for students with learning disabilities in grades four and five: An observation study. Learning Disability Quarterly , 42(2) 67-79.
  • Garwood , J., McKenna, J., Roberts , G., Ciullo, S., Shin, M. (2019). Social studies content knowledge interventions for students with emotional and behavioral disorders: A meta-analysis. Behavior Modification
  • McKenna, J., Shin, M., Solis, M., Mize, M., Pfannenstiel, K. (2019). Effects of Single-Case Reading Interventions for Students with and At-Risk of Emotional and Behavioral Disorders in Grades K-12: A Quantitative Synthesis (56:4 pp. 608-629). Psychology in the Schools
  • Brigham, F., McKenna, J., Lavin, C., Koc, M., Watkins, L., Brigham, M., (2019). The urgent and the always: Intervening on behavior problems in young children. Emerald Publishing Group
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  • McKenna, J. (2018). Use of mixed methods to identify teacher and student needs: Reflections on a partnership with a residential and day school for students with emotional and behavioral disorders. Sage Research Methods Cases.
  • McKenna, J., Kim, M., Shin, M., Pfannenstiel, K. (2017). An evaluation of single-case reading intervention study quality for students with and at risk for emotional and behavioral disorders. Behavior Modification , 41(6) 868-906.
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Selected Contracts, Fellowships, Grants and Sponsored Research

  • Reading Instructional Practices Provided to Students With and At-Risk for Emotional and Behavioral Disorders (2017), Grant - University of Massachusetts Lowell Seed Grant
    McKenna, J.
  • Empowering Families from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Backgrounds to Advocate for and Support their Children with Disabilities (2019), Grant - University of Massachusetts Lowell
    WERUNGA, R.N. (Principal), McKenna, J. (Consultant)
  • Improving the School Performance of Students with Disabilities at the Abraham Lincoln Elementary School (2020), Grant - Mary Bacigalupo Educational Endowment Award
    McKenna, J., Coleman, G.,
  • Improving Teacher Effectiveness in High Need/Low Resourced Schools. Sinatra Foundation Grant (2015), Grant - St. John’s University
    McKenna, J.
  • Reading and behavioral interventions for students with and at risk for emotional and behavioral disorders: Faculty Seed Grant. (2015), Grant - St. John’s University
    McKenna, J.
  • Long Graduate Fellowship (2012), Fellowship - The Long Foundation
    McKenna, J.
  • Graduate Student Recruitment Fellowship (2009), Fellowship - University of Texas at Austin
    McKenna, J.
  • Newton Schools Foundation Grant: Science at the Elementary Stabilization Program (2008), Grant -
    McKenna, J.
  • Council for Children with Behavioral Disorders Practitioner Grant: Social Skills Through Film and Drama (2007), Grant -
    McKenna, J.
  • Universal Design for Learning and Technology Based Interventions for Students with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders: Cambridge Savings Bank (2007), Grant -
    McKenna, J.