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AETC Contributors

AETC contributes to the development of UMass Lowell's technology transfer and applied research capabilities in the fundamental fields of solid-state physics and quantum electronics. Its success has been made possible with the help of many individuals. Professionals from M/A-COM, MITRE, Polaroid, Raytheon, UMASS, Triton Systems and other companies have contributed their knowledge, work and time, directly or indirectly, to advance this research.

Associated Faculty

  • S. Mil’shtein, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, Director of AETC
  • A. Elbirt, Assistant Professor Electrical and Computer Engineering Department
  • B. Teynor, engineer (half time)
  • E. Turkins, school teacher (part time)
  • J . Landry , school teacher (part time)
  • C. Pentedemos, school teacher (part time)
  • T. Wester, Adjunct Professor Electrical and Computer Engineering, (half time)
  • S. Paikowsky, Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Past Graduate Students

  • Shivarajiv Somisetty(2005) - Currently with Product Engineering, M/A-COM Inc.
  • Shobana Gudimetta(2005) - Currently with Reliability Engineering, M/A-COM Inc.
  • Carlos Gil (2005) - Currently with Reliability Engineering, M/A-COM Inc.

Technical Staff of Associated Companies (involved part-time in AETC research).

  • M. Rosenblum, Ph.D., Triton Systems Ltd
  • J. Towle, Ph.D., Triton Systems Ltd
  • Brain Rizzi Ph.D., M/A-Com
  • P.Ersland, M.Sc., M/A-Com
  • C. Formosis, Ph.D., M/A-COM
  • D. Hoag, M. Sc., M/A-COM
  • R.Waterman, M.Sc., Raytheon
  • F. Rose, M. Sc., Raytheon
  • R.Knowles, Ph.D., Phillips/FEI
  • B. Kimball, Phillips/FEI
  • C.Paludi, M.Sc., Telledine Co.
  • C. Sebor,M. Sc., Venture Technology