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Lab Facilities

The Advanced Composite Materials and Textile Research Laboratory (ACMTRL) at the University of Massachusetts Lowell has existing state-of-the-art facilities for design, analysis, fabrication, and testing of fibrous and composite structures.

Mechanical Testing Equipment

  • Instron and Tinius Olsen Testing Machines -- 1kip, 20kip, 220kip load frames (electromechanical and servohydraulic)
  • Test fixtures: Tension, compression, 3/4-pt bend, and short beam shear fixtures
  • Strain measurement: Video extensometer, electrical extensometers, strain gage systems, LVDT's
  • Environmental chamber
  • Data Acquisition: Measurements group 2311 signal conditioner/amplifiers; Full range of data acquisition and control boards (up to 100MHz), Pentium PC's
  • 3 meter, Instrumented Drop weight impact tester
  • Dynatup Tabletop Impact Tester
  • Fiber/yarn abrasion tester
  • High temperature creep tester/immersion creep tester
  • Flexural fatigue tester
  • Matec ultrasonic immersion NDE system
  • Charpy/Izod impact testing machine
  • Rockwell Hardness tester
  • Instrumented laser vacuum torsional pendulum for DMA
Lab Facilities 2

Sample Fabrication Equipment

  • Tetrahedron MTP-8 vacuum hot press
  • Drypoll High Temp curing oven
  • Vacuum assisted resin infusion system
  • 16 carrier and 64 carrier braiding machine
  • Vacuum diaphragm former
  • Machining equipment with diamond and carbide saws and bits
  • Tooling for molding and machining mechanical test specimens 

Materials Characterization Equipment

  • Buehler sample preparation system (polishing, grinding equipment)
  • Nikon and B&L stereo-optical microscopes
  • Sony CCD camera and image analysis system
  • Fiber volume fraction measurement (burnout and resin digestion methods)
  • Scanning electron microscope
  • Viscometers
  • Capillary Rheometers
  • Torque Rheometers
  • Reciprocating screw rheometer for thermoplastics and thermosets
  • Abrasion and flammability test capabilities
  • Dynamic mechanical spectrometers
  • Quartz rod dilatometer for CTE measurement
  • Omega thermal measurement system

Finite Element Analysis Software

  • HyperMesh
  • NIKE3D

Other Resources in the Francis College of Engineering

At UMass Lowell, we have the unique opportunity of interacting with several departments and on-campus Centers conducting materials-related research, including the University-wide Materials Characterization Facility, the Nanomanufacturing Center of Excellence, the Plastics Engineering Department, and the Civil Engineering Mechanical Testing Lab.
Composite Sandwich
Panel Attachment
2D symmetric and 3D brick finite element model were built to simulate the fracture mechanic of sandwich panel attachment while the material properties were investigated based on experiment data.