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Wael Kama

Wael Kamal

Wael Kamal, Digital Media, Art & Design

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“Students are excited about the sense of hands-on journalism that our classes provide.”

Wael Kamal views the world through many lenses in his multifaceted career. He’s worked in the Egyptian television industry, written for a national newspaper and photographed Tahrir Square during a revolution. Now, Kamal continues his diverse path as a lecturer in the art department and director of the Digital Media program, bringing the next wave of observers and creators from the classroom to the world.

“It’s exciting to start a program, and student response has been excellent,” Kamal says of the interdisciplinary program that launched in fall 2012. “Students are excited about the sense of hands-on journalism that our classes provide. They’re not just attending lectures. Students feel how it is to be a journalist by finding story ideas, interviewing subjects and creating the multimedia results needed for today’s news.”

Kamal also works with colleagues in Peace and Conflict Studies and at the Middle East Center for Peace, Development and Culture to advance international discussions on campus. He’s hosted international projects in previous positions and plans to offer similar opportunities in Lowell. Former students traded non-verbal videos with peers in another country, finding that they could understand each other well through images, sound and mood without the need for translators.“

Students on both sides find their common ground through video and art, making cultural bridges. When you’re working with people in other parts of the world, some think there will be a clash, but that’s just not necessary. They might speak a different language, but we have a common background because we are human. We can all understand that.”