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Steven Tello

Steven Tello, Assoc. Vice Chancellor, Entrepreneurship and Economic Development; Assoc. Prof. Management and Entrepreneurship

“The education I received at UMass Lowell has made a significant difference in my life.”
Assoc. Vice Chancellor of Entrepreneurship and Economic Development Steven Tello credits UMass Lowell with providing the education, skills and confidence he needed to accomplish significant success in his lifetime.

Tello graduated from the University in 1980 with a B.A. in sociology. After a bit of traveling and starting a family with his wife, Valerie ‘80, he returned to UMass Lowell in search of an advanced degree and new opportunities. While pursuing his doctor of education in leadership (2002), he also helped cultivate the University’s online education program, which recently celebrated its 15th anniversary.

“The education I received at the University has made a significant difference in my life,” Tello says. More specifically, it has allowed him to to switch gears in his career several times in the last 30 years, moving from disability services, to online education, to teaching. 

“My UMass Lowell education has provided me with the skills and confidence I needed to make these major shifts, it has also helped me to think in an innovative and creative manner,” he says.

Now as an administrator and associate professor, he relishes the opportunity to meet and work with fellow alumni and students. “What strikes me most are their attitudes and accomplishments,” he says. “UMass Lowell students make a difference in the world.”

Tello himself is living proof. In addition to helping launch the online education program, which has benefited tens of thousands of students since its inception, he co-founded the undergraduate concentration in entrepreneurship in 2007 and founded the interdisciplinary M.S. in innovation and technological entrepreneurship in 2010.

His most recent accomplishment? Establishing the University’s new DifferenceMaker program.

“The DifferenceMaker program is a formal University effort to recognize and promote University and community awareness of the creative, innovative and entrepreneurial efforts of UMass Lowell students, faculty and alumni,” Tello explains. “The program is an acknowledgement of the positive difference members of the UMass Lowell community make in other people’s lives.”

Tello asserts his achievements “are, in many respects the result of the ‘Can-Do’ education [he] received at UMass Lowell.”