When he came to UMass Lowell from his native city of Mumbai, Pranav Joshi already had a bachelor’s degree in accounting. But his alma mater, University of Mumbai, was not accredited, so he wound up getting a second bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems here at UMass Lowell.
“This was a good experience,” he says, “because at UMass Lowell, they teach with a real-world focus. I've learned a lot through experience – that’s where you make mistakes that teach you the most.”
He encourages incoming students to take advantage of the co-op program and the career-building seminars offered throughout the University. He says, “Co-ops and seminars both offer the opportunity to relate the concepts in the textbook to what’s happening in the real world.” 
Knowing he would have to repeat some of his studies when he came to the U.S., Pranav chose this campus in part because of its affordable price. He says, “I chose UMass Lowell initially because the tuition was low, but I found being a student here to be a great learning experience. There’s a lot of diversity among faculty and students. I really like that.”
Pranav is currently completing his MBA at UMass Lowell.