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Pauline Ladebauche

Pauline Ladebauche, Assistant Dean, College of Health Sciences

UMass Lowell Pauline Ladebauche
“We're big enough to attract notable clinical partners, but small enough to get to know all of our students.”
Pauline Ladebauche doesn’t miss an opportunity to talk to students. She often stops in at the resource center where students study and checks to see if she can help. Her casual and approachable manner makes them feel comfortable coming to her with any issues. And that’s a good thing because as assistant dean of the College of Health Sciences, her goal is to create a positive educational experience for all students.

“We care about our students,” says Ladebauche. “We’re big enough to attract notable clinical partners, but small enough to get to know all of our students personally.”

Ladebauche – who began as a faculty member in the School of Nursing in 1991– has the experience to help students succeed. For incoming students, she offers the following advice:

  • Make friends, have fun and take advantage of the many opportunities to grow as a student and as a future health care professional

  • Don't be afraid to ask for help. The college experience can be challenging at times. Know that we want you to succeed

  • Get to know your academic adviser who can help you in many ways
She says UMass Lowell is a rewarding place to work because Health Sciences students are appreciative of the opportunity to earn a college education and motivated to improve health.

“Our students are enthusiastic about making a difference in the world of health care,” she says.

Since she manages open houses, recruitment events and orientations, Ladebauche has witnessed the incredible growth that students undergo between high school and college.

She says, “It’s still very rewarding for me to see how students grow as people, from when they first walk in the door, to when they graduate.”