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Paula Bustos

Paula Bustos

Paula Bustos, Electrical Engineering

Paula Bustos
“There are so many resources available to you here.”

Paula Bustos isn’t afraid of a challenge. The Bogota, Colombia native and current resident of Andover came to this country six years ago with her sights set on education and opportunity. Since then, Paula has perfected her English skills and completed her second degree in electrical engineering, as part of an accelerated program that awards both a bachelor’s and master’s degree to students who commit to the five-year program.

UMass Lowell appealed to Paula with its “diversity, strong engineering program and close proximity to my family.” She is an active member in the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers and participates in a research group run by Prof. Samson Mil'shtein. She praises him for “guiding me through the process of selecting classes, helping me better understand the business side of engineering and just giving overall good advice.”

Bustos is an advocate of living on campus, saying, “there are so many resources available to you here, especially when you live right on campus and can access them immediately.” She finds herself drawn to the classrooms as her favorite places to study, citing the projectors and computers as helpful study aides.

When talking about future goals, Bustos is considering starting her own business. “I think engineering is a very interesting field. To be an engineer requires you knowing a little bit of everything: math, physics, chemistry, etc. I would encourage anyone who likes hands-on work, who is curious to know how things work and enjoys technology to consider it.”