Patrick Reimonn ’17 wanted “more bang for my buck,” so he came to UMass Lowell to major in electrical engineering. Before long, he switched to math for its versatility.
“Mathematics is used in finance, engineering, science, programming and a host of other fields. I also love the diverse sets of classes available to math majors…once the core math classes are covered, there’s room for interesting electives in statistics, advanced applied math, and other theoretical fields.”
The Hopkinton native also works at the Campus Recreation Center and teaches swim lessons there Saturdays.
What really adds up for Reimonn – who finished his BS in Mathematics in three years – is dedication to the Air Force, which awarded him an ROTC scholarship. He had already chosen UMass Lowell, “because I knew this was where I could earn a high-quality, credible degree from a well-known school for a price that wouldn’t financially cripple me when I’m only 22 years old.”
He’s well prepared. “I feel adequately prepared, with a BS and MS in math, that I will be able to function in or out of the military.” He hopes to take advantage of the Air Force’s array of offerings. “There are no fighter jets in the civilian world and I want to enjoy what the military has to offer.” 
ROTC has offered Reimonn the chance to attend leadership training in Mississippi and Alabama, as well as a 12-day skydiving school at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Spring, Colo.
Plus, there’s the city itself.
“I like Lowell and the working-class, diverse nature of the students.”