After attending Dean College, Nathaniel Royer wanted a bigger school—but not too big—where he could work toward being a research scientist. “I looked at schools like BU and Northeastern but I chose UMass Lowell. It’s one of the better schools in the area for sciences and I’m getting a great degree and the same opportunities for half the cost.” 
Royer found his coursework challenging, but he discovered early in his academic career at UMass Lowell that there were a lot of people and places willing to help him – including his professors. 
Royer says: “The academics are challenging, but the resources to help you succeed are abundant. I met most of my professors at orientation and they were very welcoming, which made a difference. I’m particularly close to my adviser, Ezequiel Rivera.” 
After his first small school in rural Pennsylvania, Royer also reveled in the size and location of this campus. “UMass Lowell is a mid-size school,” Royer says, “but the campus feels big. I like that it’s walking distance from the heart of Lowell, which is really very nice. At the same time, I’m within an hour or two of the White Mountains, where I ski almost every weekend during the season.”
As with many students, Royer found living in University housing a big plus. “Living in the residence halls, everything you need is right there and the residence life staff is very supportive. It’s easy to find stuff to do on campus, and the University brings in some great acts, like comedians Zach Galifianakis and Jeff Dunham. I’m never bored here.”