May Belasque has clearly defined career goals and she is confident UMass Lowell is helping prepare her to achieve them. 
An accounting major in the Manning School of Business, Belasque wants to become a certified public accountant, a profession she feels has limitless opportunities for success. From the relevant material covered in her classes to the guidance from professors, she has the tools to prepare herself for the future. 
“UMass Lowell is a great school,” says Belasque. “It has provided me with many opportunities to succeed.”
Belasque spent her freshman year at UMass Amherst but decided UMass Lowell was a better fit and transferred here sophomore year. She says the character and size of the school are perfect for her, offering an abundance of learning options while providing an environment where it’s easy to connect with faculty and other students.
“Many of my professors are people I can look up to. Getting to know them and learning about their career paths inspires me to achieve my goals,” she says. 
Determined to get professional experience before earning her degree, Belasque enrolled in the co-op program, which places students in three or six-month positions with area businesses. Her first placement was with the Boston Globe’s payroll department, where she put into practice what she has learned in classes. She also networked with accounting professionals who provided insight into the job market and career strategy tips.
Born in a small town in the state of Parana in southern Brazil, Belasque moved to Lowell when she was 11 and spoke no English. She adapted and thrived and went on to graduate from Lowell High School. As she prepares for her senior year, she is excited about the opportunities ahead.
“The Accounting Department course work challenges me but also makes me feel ready for the real world. The professors are extremely dedicated and I feel confident about my ability to succeed after graduation,” she says.