Lisa Abdallah loves the Merrimack Valley. When the Lawrence native heard of a faculty opening with UMass Lowell’s School of Nursing in 2003, she didn't have to think twice. “UMass Lowell has a fantastic nursing program. After earning my doctorate, I jumped at the chance to work here,” she says.

As part of UMass Lowell’s nursing faculty, Abdallah is also a great resource for young people considering the nursing field. She conducts a number of outreach programs for local students, running workshops with hands-on activities, such as checking pulses and listening to heartbeats. Abdallah sees this work as an important part of her job. “It’s critical for young people to be made aware of career options so they can think about possibilities for the future,” she says.

She praises UMass Lowell’s nursing program for being both “affordable and high quality” and points to the high national board passage rates as proof of its strength. “We consistently have our graduates fall into the high ninetieth percentile for passing their boards. Last year we had a one hundred percent passage rate.”

To anyone considering UMass Lowell’s nursing program, she enthuses, “The School of Nursing at UMass Lowell is a great place to study and work. I really can’t see myself working anywhere else.”