Kreg Kaminski feels lucky. He is learning about business while teaching in an internship he landed through the university’s UTeach Program, which prepares students to become teachers while earning degrees in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).
The biology major from Saugus is helping to teach an entrepreneurship course to Lowell High School students. “By helping out with this course, I am getting an in-depth look at the processes behind both teaching and entrepreneurship,” says Kaminski. The entrepreneurship course—M2D2 Partnership Experience —teaches Lowell High School honors students how to develop medical device products, from identifying market needs to designing prototypes and pitching ideas to industry experts. The course is intended to inspire high school students to consider STEM professions. Along with the high school students, Kaminski is learning about the medical device industry, entrepreneurship, communication and teamwork skills. To help them identify medical device needs, Kaminski and the Lowell High School students visited a School of Nursing laboratory.
Once he graduates in 2015, Kaminski will have the option to choose between working in industry or education.  He says, “As a biology major, I care about medicine, design and politics, so being part of this M2D2 class has been a dream come true. It is a class I would have loved to have taken in high school."