Justin Lawler’s job has him working while others play. As the Assistant Director of Campus Recreation, he oversees all of the fitness and instructional programs at the Campus Recreation Center (CRC). 

Lawler came to UMass Lowell for an internship while studying at Fitchburg State College. After graduation, he was offered a job with UMass Lowell’s intramural sports program. Not one to sit on the sidelines, he decided to tackle his MBA at UMass Lowell while working full-time on campus.

Lawler says the best part of his job is helping people live healthy lives. As someone who practices what he preaches, the fitness enthusiast finds time to play in some of the University’s intramural sports programs including the volleyball, street hockey, basketball, outdoor soccer, flag football and softball leagues.

When asked what impresses him most about the students he meets, he says, “I know many who work while going to school full-time and some who even work multiple jobs. That sort of work ethic really epitomizes the type of students we have at UMass Lowell.” 

“I can really appreciate that because I also had to work through high school and college,” says Lawler. “I once hoped that my hard work would pay off for me some day and I feel like it has. I try to be a voice of encouragement for our students who have to do the same.”