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Eric Peary

Eric Peary, Accounting & Corporate Finance

Expertise / Activities:

Track team, Commonwealth Honors program, Co-op program, Accounting Society, Omicron Delta Kappa, Beta Gamma Sigma
“The opportunities at UMass Lowell have gotten me where I am and opened up so many doors for me. I wouldn’t change my experiences here for anything.”
Eric Peary embodies the adage “if you want something done, ask a busy person.”

A senior with a double concentration in accounting and corporate finance in the Manning School of Business, Peary routinely took on academic and extracurricular challenges and assumed leadership positions in student organizations. When he pushes himself, he thrives.

“I’m extremely busy, but I love it,” says Peary, who is a member of the University’s track team (he runs the mile and half-mile) and serves as president of both the Accounting Society and Omicron Delta Kappa, the student leadership honor society.

Motivation and drive have been a hallmark of Peary’s experience at UMass Lowell. Although he was not originally offered a slot in the University’s Commonwealth Honors Program, he wanted the rigor that the program offers. He met with the faculty and made his case and his perseverance paid off. He was admitted to the program and has excelled academically, earning numerous scholarships and induction into Beta Gamma Sigma, the international honor society for business students.

Peary took the lead in reviving the student Accounting Society, an organization that had been dormant for several years. He was intent on giving back to the school and thought the society would provide students with a source for career guidance and opportunities for networking and community service.
“I don’t want to leave this school and not leave a legacy,” says Peary.

He worked on his honor’s thesis, an examination of the sweeping Sarbanes-Oxley law, which aimed to reform the governance of publicly traded companies and public accounting firms. If he decides to pursue a Ph.D., he’ll use the research as the basis of his dissertation, he says.

Peary will gained professional experience during his final months at UMass Lowell with a six-month co-op job at Powers & Sullivan, a certified public accounting firm in Wakefield, Mass.

Looking ahead, Peary plans on taking the CPA exam and expects to continue his education with a master’s degree and possibly a Ph.D.  His long-term career goal is to hold a leadership position – he’d like to be a CEO someday. With his experience at UMass Lowell, he feels well-prepared for the future.

“The opportunities at UMass Lowell have gotten me where I am and opened up so many doors for me,” he says. “I wouldn’t change my experiences here for anything. I have gotten a great education.”